Welcome to Planet Tad

My son and I are fans of Planet Tad and MAD magazine.  Wanting even more TAD, we typed in “planettad.com” and were shocked to find the domain unregistered!  I mean, the book is about a blog.  A blog is a website.  One can only assume that the domain name Tad would choose for his blog would be “planettad.com”.  Hmmm.  Was there a major rift in space-time or could it just be a significant oversight?

You might think that we should use this domain to create Tad-like entries as if we were Tad himself.  Although it is tempting to do that, I don’t think “Planet Tad’s” author, Tim Carvell, would appreciate that.  Only he is the voice of Tad.

If you want to experience all that is Tad, you really need to buy Tim’s book or check out his column in MAD magazine.